Why Dejacast?

Problem solving, in motion.

In his world renowned book and one of the most popular TED Talks of all time, "Start With Why", Simon Sinek created a movement that inspired millions to envision, build and lead by first understanding the Why behind their ideas and actions.

As the creators of DejaCast, we defined and fueled our Why during the years of working in the video streaming tech sector. Every new client or integration was an experience of its own. And every experience introduces you to a different perspective of solving problems or to the discovery of a great new opportunity in the market.

Why DejaCast?

  • Because each client has a different vision and expectation, specific to his industry. That's why we offer a video management and delivery service that addresses a wide variety of clients types or audiences.
  • Because we learned that video content monetization outperforms other solutions when it follows three golden principles:
    1. Is transparent
    2. Is simple to understand and setup
    3. Is heavily focused and fine-tuned to perform by the newest industry standards
  • Because building a great experience can only be achieved by closing the provider-consumer-platform triangle. This is why we help you build your own OTT platform, that matches the same obsession for user experience and provides the perfect environment for our video content delivery services.

Go from Publish to Revenue in three simple steps

We leverage performance media management systems to publish your content to your audience in the fastest way possible and start monetizing from day one.

Upload your videos

One click, multiple ways of instantly uploading your content in the cloud, ready to be streamed.

Set up your outstream campaingns

Globally or granular, set up your outstream ads to be delivered in flexible video formats

Publish and monetize your content

Analize and fine tune your audience consuming your content, via our lightweight, customizable player.