Video Management and Delivery Platform

Scaling your media supply chain to reach global audience

Manage and distribute your content from a central, unified control dashboard

Upload an unlimited amount of video content in various video formats.

Automatically have your content encoded in multiple bitrate configurations.

Manage all your live broadcasts, on-demand videos and playlists from a single place.

Deliver your content via our lightweight, multi-bitrate video player

1. Upload your videos

Use our multi-file video upload while you just focus on your productivity. DejaCast supports all industry standard video formats and even more.

A one step and simple process: Drag & drop or select your best content and let us handle the rest.

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2. Encoding is our forte

DejaCast encodes your video content in multi-bitrate formats, for an optimal quality and maximum, uninterrupted availability.

Video encoding is a seamless and scalable process. It is running in parallel and with zero resource dependencies to any other running tasks, like streaming or Live to VOD.

3. Manage and perfect your content

Our performance management dashboard allows you to search, tag and edit your videos details blazing fast.

Every option is available under a secure hierarchy of admin accounts, managing publishers, shows, videos and broadcasts. From publishers to TV stations or artists and event managers, DejaCast offers a content management structure with a broad applicability.

4. Fast forward to your audience

DejaCast features a lightweight, fully featured video player, to deliver your content the optimal way and preserving maximum quality.

You can define an unlimited number of custom player configurations. With multi-bitrate support, to match our standards, your audience will enjoy an uninterrupted experience of live or on-demand video.

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Go from Publish to Revenue in three simple steps

We leverage performance media management systems to publish your content to your audience in the fastest way possible and start monetizing from day one.

Upload your videos

One click, multiple ways of instantly uploading your content in the cloud, ready to be streamed.

Set up your outstream campaingns

Globally or granular, set up your outstream ads to be delivered in flexible video formats

Publish and monetize your content

Analize and fine tune your audience consuming your content, via our lightweight, customizable player.