Video content monetization

Turn your content quality into a revenue generator

Fine tune your monetization strategy with modern ad formats

Hit your target fill rate and CPM with DejaCast performance tuned, flexible ad delivery algorithms.

Control your ad tags with a personalized experience through an unlimited number of custom video players.

DejaCast OmniFocus

Our leading monetization product, OmniFocus allows publishers to deliver a sequence of video ads, intermitent with video content, in a floating player unit that is permanently visible in the viewport.

Measured viewability is a clear performance indicator of floating ads, with a ratio of 8-to-1 viewability points versus the regular display ads.

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DejaCast OmniView

OmniView allows you to place video ads right within users' natural flow of reading through your articles, for maximum attention.

The optimised experience for the swiping and scrolling behaviour, this type of ad is seamlessly integrated with the rest of the content in the page.

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Instream Video Ads

Hit your target fill rate and CPM with DejaCast performance tuned, flexible ad delivery algorithms.

With instream ads, creators making longer, original content can earn money by inserting ads into qualifying videos.

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Our flexible Instream configurations:


Pre-roll Ads

A pre-roll ad is an ad that is played before the video starts, offering maximum ad exposure to your audience.


Mid-roll Ads

Stats show that users reaching the mid-roll ad are already fully engaged with your content and overall experience.


Post-roll Ads

A great ad timing for an audience that engages into the full, end-to-end content consumption with a fast setup.


Overlay ads

User friendly banners that show up on top of your playing content, for an uninterrupted viewing experience.


Multi-sequence ads

Tap into the flexible config for ad breaks and multi ad slots, to explore and measure optimal performance


Go from Publish to Revenue in three simple steps

We leverage performance media management systems to publish your content to your audience in the fastest way possible and start monetizing from day one.

Upload your videos

One click, multiple ways of instantly uploading your content in the cloud, ready to be streamed.

Set up your outstream campaingns

Globally or granular, set up your outstream ads to be delivered in flexible video formats

Publish and monetize your content

Analize and fine tune your audience consuming your content, via our lightweight, customizable player.