TV Stations

Regain your audience, engage and monetize on the screens of their choice.

DejaCast core team originates from the television and entertainment business.

We natively speak digital video solutions and understand best our clients and their needs in these areas of business. All of our previous professional challenges became our leading features for televisions:

  • Define your broadcast schedule in the management platform and find your content automatically recorded, trimmed and imported, ready to be published with a single click. Then, take advantage of your fully managed data and analytics.
  • Grow and monetize your video content without the cost and complexity of in-house development. DejaCast implements ad integrations that supports IAB video ad standards VAST, VMAP, VPAID and also accommodates pre/mid/post rolls ads and overlay ads.

Features & Benefits


Start the clock!

You can easily upload, transcode and manage your video content. Set up your player the way you want, copy & paste the embed code directly into your website and you're done. You can deliver your first online video in just 5 minutes. Really!


Let's monetize!

Get your VAST tag codes, define how many preroll, midroll or postroll ads you want and start earning.


Ready for the next step?

Integrate the API into your application and you'll have all the DejaCast capabilities in your own workflow.

“Wonderful viewing experiences on all screens.”

Playback without buffering and errors, fast and browser-friendly with HTML5 DejaCast player on desktop and mobile web. Very soon you will be able to deliver videos quickly and easily directly to your iOS and Android applications with our mobile SDK.

Understand your audience, improve the results.

Go deep into comprehensive analytics to understand user engagement and improve your KPIs. Real time data will help you deliver the content your audience wants, improve video playback and viewing time.


Go from Publish to Revenue in three simple steps

We leverage performance media management systems to publish your content to your audience in the fastest way possible and start monetizing from day one.

Upload your videos

One click, multiple ways of instantly uploading your content in the cloud, ready to be streamed.

Set up your outstream campaingns

Globally or granular, set up your outstream ads to be delivered in flexible video formats

Publish and monetize your content

Analize and fine tune your audience consuming your content, via our lightweight, customizable player.