We deliver your video content to people around the world. Any way your users want it.

From HD content streaming to monetization, we deliver premium, scalable solutions for OTT & digital publishing services. All powered by our video performance management platform.

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Go from Publish to Revenue in three simple steps

We leverage performance media management systems to publish your content to your audience in the fastest way possible and start monetizing from day one.

Upload your videos

One click, multiple ways of instantly upload your content in the cloud, ready to be streamed.

Set up your outstream campaingns

Globally or granularly, set up your outstream ads to be delivered in flexible video formats

Publish and monetize your content

Analyze and fine tune your audience consuming your content, via our lightweight, customizable player.

... ... ...

Transparent revenue and audience metrics

Continuously monitor and refine of your revenue and audience data with our outstream performance dashboard.

Get information about impressions data, viewability scores and other metrics that keep you on top of the audience behaviour and sentiment.

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Highly customizable video player

Best in class OTT experience delivered by our lightweight, adaptive player.


Define multiple custom player configurations per each channel, stream or publisher you manage.

IMA & VAST support

Deliver modern Ad formats to your audience experience, through a seamless Google IMA SDK integration.


Industry Standard Video & Audience Management Platform

Manage all your publishers, channels and shows from a single account, featured with a best in class experience and operational efficiency.

Continuous 24h livestream capture

Smart schedule with auto-trim

Multi-publisher, multi-channel account management

Our clients are the first to prime time

Our LiveToVOD feature set provides you with the fastest path possible from capturing the live stream to publishing your videos, sourced from the HD video flux. Let us advise on the right solution to fit your business model.

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We sell peace of mind. Our customers say it!

Any type of customer, we have it. And it's a happy one. From the "Set it and forget it" type to "Always on the phone" type, every single one has reasons to enjoy our partnership.

We started the integration in Bucataras.ro, the leader of culinary sites for 12 years and DejaCast enables us to offer our readers an impeccable video experience. The editorial team now has a simple and efficient workflow in video posts. A big plus for us is the integration with programmatic video advertising, while the support of the DejaCast team is top notch.